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Daily Quotes - Custom Widgets

Sand Dunes

Daily Quotes app will motivate and inspire you !!!


Positive quotes are one of the simplest and most powerful way for mental growth when you're going through hard times and need an extra push to get stuff done.


Daily motivating reminders under quote form have huge impacts on your daily life. It’s all about keeping the right and healthy thoughts to get you through your hard time.


Customize the design of the quotes with stylish Backgrounds, Fonts and Colors then share the motivational message of the day with your friends or use the image for Instagram or as a wallpaper.


If you like sharing stylish inspirational quotes in social media our designs are suits you perfectly.

Architectural Structure

Add Stylish Widgets to Your Home Screen.

Customize the Widgets with Trendy Backgrounds, Fonts, Colors.

Exclusive Static and Live Themes designed to help you motivate.

Nature sounds including bird, fire, rain, jungle and much more.

Hundreds of Inspiring Quotes from Exclusive Library.

Uniquely designed visuals to motivate you.

Set Daily Quote Notifications Whenever You Want

Save and Share your Favorite Quotes.

 Customizable smart reminders (get your quotes with push notifications)

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